Patti Heid

Patricia Correia Gallery is pleased to announce work by San Francisco based artist Patti Heid in her first solo exhibition with the gallery. Heid's approach to art is an integration of familiar painting techniques and digital photo output, an invention bred by physical necessity. This experiment quickly developed into an insightful and energetic expression of the 20th century Pioneer sensibility. A true bionic woman, her art and spirit embody technology's wonders, while using all the tools at her disposal to examine issues of identity in these futuristic times.

To Heid, anything is a pencil, and both she and her paintings work to fight misconceptions every day, promoting computer art as the newest chapter in art history, unfolding before our eyes, and inevitable as well. Likening her position as an artist to the initial battles photographers fought to be considered fine artists at the (previous) turn of the century, she is gratified by recent milestones like the Whitney Museum fund to purchase digital art.

The catalog essay for Heid's recent exhibition of paintings in New York City, "If I Die Before I Wake", by Eleanor Hertney, contributing editor of Art in America, reads in part: "These images are presented in a style that is part surrealism, part psychedelia, and part MTV which Heid refers to as video Impressionism." Her predominant imagery is inspired by life experience, the ways in which female identity is created, vis a vis Catholic iconography, the influence of world religions, and especially the search for identity in a culture repressive of female self-actualization. Computers are just one more way in which art can set the soul free.

Patti Heid graduated with a BA in Fine Arts in 1975 from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has had solo exhibitions at the Triton Art Museum and Brendan Walter Gallery in addition to many other solo and group exhibitions from Los Angeles to New York. Patti Heid has also been honored with numerous public art pieces/commissions.